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EggsBenedict               Single $5.99, Double$8.99 The Whole Pig  $9.99  3 eggsany style, Hashbrowns or American Fries, toast and (all) ham, bacon, sausage. Hefty Breakfast                                                         $6.992 eggs any style, Hashbrowns orAmerican Fries, toast andham or bacon or sausage. Petite Breakfast                                                        $4.992 eggs any style, Hashbrowns or AmericanFries, and toast. Single Eggs Benedict & OneFrench Toast or Pancake               $6.99 Big Nest Fried Egg Sandwich                                   $4.99Choiceof bacon or sausage or ham, one egg, cheese and Texas toast Classic Egg Sandwich                                               $3.99Choiceof bacon or sausage or ham, one egg, cheese and English Muffin Breakfast Burrito                                           $4.99Stuffedwith Scrambled eggs, sausage, cheddar cheese, and salsa           FROMthe GRIDDLE ButtermilkPancakes – add chocolate chips .35 extra(1)  Cake  $2.99, (2) Cakes $3.99, (3) Cakes $4.99FrenchToast (1)  Toast  $2.99, (2) Toast $3.99, (3) Toast $4.99 Add Meat – Bacon, Sausage, or Ham1 Griddle – 1 Meat                        $4.952 Griddle – 2 Meat                        $5.953 Griddle – 3 Meat                        $6.95 Griddle and Eggscombo            1 X 1                                         $3.99            2 X 2                                         $4.99Griddle, Meat andEggs combo            1 X 1 X 1                                    $4.99            2 X 2 X 2                                    $5.99            3 X 3 X 3                                    $6.99                                                                 OmeletsSnow Owl (deluxe)                        $6.99Ham,Cheese, Onions, mushrooms, green peppers and tomato Barn Owl                                                          $6.99Sausageand Cheese,  Horned Owl (Texan)                      $6.99Ham,Cheese, Onions, and green peppers  Tawny Owl (Veggie)                      $6.99Cheese,Onions, mushrooms, green peppers and tomato Screech Owl (Idaho)                     $6.99Bacon,Garlic Hashbrowns and cheese  Simple Owl                                       $5.99Hamand  Cheese Build Your Own                               $3.99(3 EggsOnly)

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